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A Recruiter’s Guide to Companies Looking to Expand Globally in APAC

As one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, Asia Pacific (APAC) now houses 40% of the world’s largest companies. With some of the wealthiest nations in the world sitting pretty within the region, it should be no surprise that APAC not only has the fastest-growing economy in the world, but with their GDP and growth rate, and population increase, it would be unwise not to delve into such a prime market for growth. The future of the world is in APAC, and ZACK group know it.


It should go without saying that global expansion opens doors into new markets. 96% of the world’s consumers exist outside of the United States, with a large portion of that number presiding within APAC. Branching out and expanding on a global scale obviously allows businesses to delve into revenue potentials that weren’t explored previously. This exposure to foreign investment opportunities allows your business to take on a broader view of the world’s markets that might prove beneficial to dip a toe into.

Expanding internationally also creates greater access to talent and diversity. The competition for the best talent in the industry has always been steep. Hunting within a limited pool of candidates and potential employees decreases opportunities to access the best-of-the-best, especially those with unique skills and mindsets that your company could use. Branching out into international waters allows your business to reach out its recruitment net to a broader pool of talent. This is where the specialty of ZACK Group comes in. With extensive experience in handling talent acquisition and recruitment for countries all over the world, the headhunting team at ZACK Group pick only the best-of-the-best, top-tier candidates to match the needs of their clients’ business and company culture.

Everyone loves having an edge over their competitors, and companies expanding into global markets have exactly that. Businesses that set foot into new markets before their competitors, often get to build stronger brand awareness among customers, thereby directing sales and loyalty to their brand. An international presence also boosts a company’s image in their line of expertise. Creating brand recognition across regions like APAC, opens doors to business opportunities with countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and South Korea.


Dipping a toe into foreign waters certainly has its challenges. That part goes without saying. You can’t have the good without the bad, and the challenges often faced by companies expanding internationally, usually include things like language and cultural barriers. Though a seemingly superficial challenge, overcoming something like a cultural barrier can certainly slow the speed and productivity of a company’s expansion. Cultural and linguistic barriers aren’t to be taken lightly, and can set a company back six months, if not handled well. ZACK Group recognises these barriers and take the time and effort to minimise the struggles a company may face when acclimatising to the local culture. They do so by personally visiting each country they’re breaking into to get a better understanding of how it works. By doing so, they’re ensuring that they deliver the best candidate fits for both the local and company culture.

Tax codes and compliance issues also prove to be a problem at times. It’s one thing to handle the taxes of a single country, but to do so across several countries. Companies that delve into global markets should be aware of the taxes, fees, and tariffs for international trade while they put together their expansion plans.

When a business grows, the demand for staff grows as well. A complication within the supply chain of staff can certainly delay expansion plans and growth, to the point where businesses start to question whether or not it was all worth it. Recruiting within a new market of candidates requires extensive experience and knowledge in the local market to filter through the masses and uncover those truly fit for the business.


When it comes to handling international recruitment and business expansion, ZACK Group leads the way. As masters of recruiting for niche markets and industries within the global technologies sector, their know-how in helping businesses grow across the APAC region is exceptional. Their expertise and dedication to delivering 100% transparency with their candidates and clients have led to a sweeping presence among the companies across Asia. ZACK Group has invested their time and efforts in understanding the local market and culture of each region they serve and lead the market of delivering candidates that don’t just fit the skillset, but the busine

ss culture too.

The future of the world is in APAC. ZACK Group helps its clients’ businesses stay one step ahead of the game.