Everything You Need To Know About Recruitment in APAC


As one of Asia Pacific’s fastest growing specialist recruitment firms, ZACK Group are innovators and leaders in the future of niche market headhunting. With a specialty in the areas of unique IT companies and recruiting prime candidates for the Global Technology sector, they’re carving a path towards forging bonds with clients that last a lifetime. They cut through the masses and narrow down their hunting grounds to only the best-of-the-best, delivering results across countries like Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, France, Indonesia, and of course, Australia. They focus on getting the right people with the right skills. Their sights are set on making sure that the right people match the right company culture to make for the best experience all around.


ZACK Group’s goals don’t start and end with finding the right and best candidate for the top niche Global Technology positions. They focus on helping tech companies break through into the markets in APAC, as well as helping companies that already exist within that realm to grow their businesses.

ZACK Group has its eyes set on growing the companies setting foot into the APAC market, where 40% of the world’s largest companies have already set foot. Some of the world’s wealthiest nations preside in Asia, and with its increase in GDP, growth rate, and rapidly expanding population, Director Colin Kleine believes that “the future of the world is [Asia].”

What ZACK Group understands intimately is the power the APAC region holds in terms of its economic and buying strength. As one of the fastest-growing regions in the world, Colin believes that companies, failing to recognise its potential are missing out on not just revenue opportunities, but millions or even billions in stock evaluation at an IPO, or even when publicly listed. Mis-hiring during an undertaking as large as setting up in APAC can set businesses back several months, with many companies pulling out of the market due to this fact. ZACK Group pitches their efforts into creating a solid and unwavering foundation for their clients to build their businesses on.


In a nutshell; ZACK Group knows what works for a startup. They know what works for a major global conglomerate. They understand the finer workings of a company’s culture and they break it down. They focus on identifying and placing the right people who match in skillset and drive, but also match the organisational culture and company background experience. Their broad reach across the regions has allowed them to develop a unique understanding of the individual needs of companies based on their location, allowing them to better serve these niche companies.

ZACK Group shows off its prowess with a list of impressive clientele. As one of the world’s most in-demand secure cloud services platform, it goes without saying that Amazon Web Services (AWS) recruits only the best-of-the-best with the highest IQs. They are also notorious for having one of the most difficult recruitment processes — and ZACK Group has been successfully serving them for over 2 years. They have been AWS’ go-to partner for recruitments across Southeast Asia and Australia and continues to be one of the top providers for niche market headhunting.

They have also worked in very close quarters with TripTease, a UK startup in the online hotel booking space. ZACK Group found their leadership and supplied the chain of command to their entire sales team, and since then, TripTease has taken Asia Pacific by storm. When sourcing for their sales and executive roles, ZACK Group took into consideration the culture and regional background of the company. They sourced a candidate who had 5 years of experience in running a startup within the APAC, who not only brought to the table their extensive knowledge of the market, but also matched the company culture to a tee.

Standing out from the crowd by consulting their clients with the most open and transparent lines of communication as possible, is just what they do. When it comes to delivering “the perfect candidate” for their client’s niche market and role, ZACK Group’s 6-step process takes all steps of the recruitment into consideration. Their biggest commitment is getting their clients a 100% transparent perspective. They pride themselves with delivering the most blunt and honest assessments on their candidates, laying out the positives and pitfalls of each proposed candidate to build a mutual trust between themselves and their clients.

The experts of ZACK Group also take on the initiative of understanding the cultures they’re dealing with through firsthand experiences. They travel to the countries and regions of each of their clientele in order to build a greater understanding of its markets and cultures. This hands-on approach lends significant advantage to their team in terms of knowing what to source and what works best across the APAC region. They commit themselves to dissecting the core elements of why clients are looking to break into the APAC market and advise accordingly to their wants and needs. Looking for a place with low taxes and a pro-business attitude? Singapore might be the place to start. Are their clients seeking an entry point into doing business with China? Hong Kong would be a wise investment.

The mark of a good headhunting and recruitment firm should always be their willingness to lay it all out on the line. That’s what ZACK Group delivers to their clients in spades.