6 Benefits of Working With Recruitment Agencies

Many business leaders believe that a strong and productive team of employees is the result of a good recruitment process. An excellent HR team should always take into consideration market intelligence, shifting trends, pay scales and competitor activity.

As a business leader, you can always choose to rely on in-house recruiters alone or a recruitment agency. Most businesses today, however, have less trust in recruitment agencies in terms of filling employment vacancies. What they do not know is that many businesses that works with recruiters will post stronger results as a business because their recruiters are also their business advisers whose eyes and ears are always focused on the market place and on attracting exceptional candidates.

As per some industry commentators, there has been a decline in recruitment agencies in the past years. Some are being overwhelmed and devoured by an unstoppable competition from job boards, internal recruitment teams, and social networking. This is where the agencies that act as true business advisers, giving market intelligence and actively headhunting the best talent step in. These are the 6 biggest benefits of working with agencies:


Large companies have the resources to develop and market their corporate brand. However, many small businesses may not have the same luxury. But with an agency by your side, they could help provide potential candidates insights into your business – what it’s like to work there, benefits and career openings available, and the overall environment they are going to encounter. They can be a powerful external advocate. If you are able to develop a strong bond with agencies, they will spend time getting to know you and represent you as an employer of choice. If a candidate searches your business on social media, either through a site or by searching for previous employees, then a fully informed recruitment agency should be able to clarify any confusions and questions that may arise.


The greatest recruiters have unparalleled knowledge on how the market works. Before everything takes place, they already have their eyes on the specialist markets, and can provide the hiring team an overview of what is happening and what probably would happen. Recruitment agencies have a better chance of knowing the available candidates and all useful information related to the work and expertise. As a recruiter, you will be able to know how to reach out to them and what salary rates, career expectations, available skill-sets, and current hiring complexities you shall expect from each other. You will always have alternative solutions whenever your business is struggling to find the outstanding talents. Your business and your recruitment agency will act as partners and collaborators, having the latter as your eyes and ears in the market. Internal departments simply do not have the same market intelligence.


Some candidates are hard to find, but recruitment agencies have the ability to deliver them right at your doorstep. They may be unresponsive or just plain selective. If you are getting no response from job advertisements, then the chances that their loyalty is with trusted specialist recruiters in your sector is enormous. Even if the candidates are not part of your pool, there’s a strong possibility that an efficient recruitment agency knows who they are and how to reach them. Agencies have many connections and networks that you may not have. Each consultant or collaborator from the agency has the potential to activate their networks to help connect you to people with a wide range of skills, experiences, and specializations.

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The attention is always aimed at attracting applicants, whether they are actively responding to an ad or through your website. If the majority may not be good matches for the position, then a lot of time will be invested in filtering, assessing, and matching the role with them. Through the help of a recruitment agency, you will be able to reach candidates who truly are job seekers and who have been pre-selected to meet all the criteria and demands that you have set. You know that with their extensive experience, the presented candidates will be worthy of an interview. Your recruitment team may not be able to run a thorough matching process without an agency. 5. YOU WILL GAIN ACCESS TO KEY STRATEGIC SKILLS ON SHORT NOTICE.

Had an unexpected resignation? Is a key member of your team taking extended leave? What about those busy periods? Recruitment agencies shall be your key to gaining access to relevant strategic skills quickly should you have peaks in demand or if your existing staff take leave. With talent shortages and sometimes inefficient employees, there is a looming threat that your company’s growth may start to recede if you cannot bring in someone skilled on very short notice. Recruiters will offer flexible solutions that are particularly crucial for a long-term projects as well as being able to bring in qualified, experienced candidates with a quick turnaround.


According to a recent in-house recruiter survey, many companies have already been experiencing tight budgets and time constraints. Such a problem is the reason why they ought to connect with agencies. In house recruiters set aside budget for agency fees knowing that by paying for a team of expert recruiters to work for you, you know your little budget is spent wisely and will bring in better people on short notice. In house recruiters are focused on recruiting a number of roles and if the need is urgent their resources are better utilized meeting with already screened candidates from an agency.

Whether you are looking for temporary staffing service or finding solutions for a long term need, you should not miss out the major route to accessing strong talent – and that’s through a recruitment agency.

There are many advantages of working with recruiters and headhunters. The only way to know if a partnership with a recruitment agency is right for your business is to chat to a few recruiters through recommendations, or research to see who best matches your needs and can assist in any roadblocks you are experiencing in your company growth.

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