Innovating the future of niche headhunting: ZACK Group takes on the world of IT and Global Technologies

Innovating the future of niche headhunting: ZACK Group takes on the world of IT and Global Technologies

// ZACK Blog ⋅25th Mar 2019⋅ 3 min read //

Setting the stage as one of APAC’s fastest growing digital and IT recruitment firms, ZACK Group has an eye for the Global Technology Sector. Founded by co-directors Zvi Azimov and Colin Kleine, they bring together more than a decade’s worth of industry knowledge and expertise in IT headhunting and global technologies combined. Their expertise has drawn them to leading clients like Amazon Web Services, TripTease, and PeopleStreme.


ZACK Group stands out from the crowd by delivering only the best-of-the-best, top quality candidates with 100% transparency and honesty. They understand what their complex niche market is looking for, by placing themselves in the shoes of their clients, to find them the right match for the position, company, and culture. Their unique six-step process continues to be the key to their success.

1- A focus on passive candidates

Anyone can hunt down candidates looking for a new role, but it takes great skill to hunt down passive candidates. ZACK Group’s speciality that makes them stand out from the crowd is their capability to hunt down candidates who are not proactively seeking new roles, but are willing to take on the challenges and opportunities of a better-fitting position. They source only the best fits based on the briefs provided to them about a particular role, and don’t stop until they’ve got the best of the best lined up for their clients.

2- An extensive database

Simply put — fortune favours the bold, and that is exactly what ZACK Group is. With their fearless and dedicated drive towards putting quality over quantity, they focus on understanding their client and finding the right fit. The combined years of experience between its founders lends the expert headhunters an extensive database of contacts and candidates to source from. Boasting a rolodex spanning across countries like the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, it’s second nature to find the best-of-the-best at the drop of a hat.

3- A widespread list of candidate referrals

It is not just about the size of the Zack Group database, it is about the quality of it. A strong list of contacts within the industry allows them to reach out to their networks to find out who the best and most reputable talent on the market is. They filter through an extensive selection of candidates to ensure they have the most superior fit in their top five selection, so their clients don’t have to.

4- Expansive list of internal referrals.

The drive for results, quality and the best candidate fit for each client, sits firmly within every member of the ZACK group team, from the directors, right through to their team of expert consultants. Bringing their own network of contacts to the table, their headhunting and recruitment consultants use internal referrals that allow candidates to be further parsed and filtered to identify the top five to be presented to the client.

5- Use social media tools to map out talent


In such a digital age, ZACK Group doesn’t shy away from using social media tools to their fullest potential. With the help of tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, their driven team of headhunters and recruiters source for candidates not only fitting their clients’ criteria for skills and qualifications, but who are also the right match for organisational and company culture.

6- Industry events


If it is one thing that the team at ZACK Group knows how to do, it’s work a crowd. With their years of experience in honing their communication skills, the driven team of expert headhunters and recruiters know how best to utilise industry events to source premium candidates on the market.



Australian Achiever Awards Winner 2017 – Excellence in Customer Service.

LinkedIn’s Most Socially Engaged Digital & IT Specialist Boutique 2017.

Australian Business Awards Winner 2017 – Employer of Choice.

Cool Company Awards by Top List, two years running.